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Spears can tour but just can't do depositions.

Britney Spears has been on a downward spiral right after she got her Telly Savalas hairdo, got thrown in jail for reckless driving which by everyone's account she had all but thrown her music career away. This surely was not the sign of a stable person by any means. But regardless of all this Spears career seems to have survived and now is back on track, maybe she has some extra lives at least in regards to her music career that is. Even with all that though her personal life is not so cheery, not to mention her mental competence which is still in question. Take for example, Sam Lutfi, Spears' ex-manager who is proceeding with legal actions against Lynne Spears, Brittney Spears mother. Lutfi counsel wants Britney to be deposed for testimony about the legal matters in question. Spears parents are fighting their daughter to give a deposition citing she is not mentally capable of being deposed and giving a deposition. Recently Lutfi attorney made a motion to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to order a psychiatric evaluation of Brittney Spears to show her true mental state. Spears as of yet has not compiled to an mental evaluation as of yet but even so, Lutfi has submitted his own evidence to an expert. Professor of Psychiatry Joshua Pretsky, who is a UCLA assistant looked over the evidence and analyzed it. What he found and told the court was that: He had watched an interview of Britney Spears by Ryan Seacrest which was done nearly 2 months ago. The Spears interview was a rather long one in which she spoke and answered questions in a logically manner. Her answers were thoughtful and intelligently which by all accounts shows she was mentally capable at the time. Pretsky went on to proclaim that it was his judgment that there is could cause to ask for an evaluation of Spears by an Independent Medical Examiner to show whether she is or is not capable to testify in a deposition.

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