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Out with the old...

A recent finding is predicting that DVD's are going the way of the dinosaurs. And with numbers showing shipped DVD's have dropped nearly 45% to barely over 225 million DVD's in 2010 this may just be correct. And with other statistics showing that buyers are going more for streaming videos or just plain renting services it may just be another sign of the end of times for DVD's. Not to mention about video-on-demand services which are looking more and more popular to consumers. This data did not look at how Blu-ray discs are fairing against the onslaught of these newer media but across the entire spectrum of digital media which included Blu-ray discs consumer spending is down over 3%.  One would think that the industry would do something to help stop this slide from happening (so soon). But, then again all things must die, (just not as fast as VHS tapes or the Laserdisc). You would think there would be a law against this kind of quick turn around of technologies. Maybe this just the American way running its due course or maybe it is just a new technology overtaking an older one. It just seems bizarre that the the industry cries when sales of DVD's decline but they always forget to mention when online purchases go up. It is funny how they are always quick to forget the positive things. And maybe just maybe with one technology getting driven out it isn't such a bad thing because they are being replaced with even more technologies. And maybe BestBuy is on to something with their recent promotion of buying back old technologies equipment and if things continue the way they are going this could be a brilliant promo to capture more business. I guess the only thing that is a sure thing is that time will tell what is going to happen. 

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