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DeKalb County use technology for senior citizens in deposition.

With approval from a court which is permitting the county's District Attorney's Office to take advantage of video depositions. This is so that a senior citizen can converse using a live feed for a two video conference call. This person was was a victim of a crime. It was apparently the first time this type of technology has been used in the county for this type of crime. It is hard to believe of this facts seeing how we are in the 21st Century. Although attorneys have benefited from this technology for some years now. For example it has been used in regards to child abuse cases, where kids have been sexually assaulted. This technology has been applied in these types of cases so that the children do not have to to be around their accuser as they give their testimony. This recent case which involved a ninety year old victim and the deposition was recorded on video because of the age of the victim in hopes to capture and preserve their testimony. Just again another another fine example of the use of technology coming to the rescue. And isn't that really what technology should do? To make our work or lives easier and more productive. Truly only our imagine limits us on the types of uses we can utilize video in the field of law. Of course you don't have to take on this task by yourself, you have enough on your plate to try to handle this on your own. Just as you are a professional in your chosen field so to is the same of Videographers for all your legal needs. It can truly make a difference in your case not to mention peace of mind knowing this is being handled for you professionally so you can do what you do best, the law.

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