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Continued Auto Accident Questions.

Do not be surprised if you are questioned about any other lawsuits you have been apart of, or any criminal record you may have. Most importantly you will be scrutinized about any information regarding the auto accident. Of this expect to be asked questions such as: Where you were going at the time of the accident, what path you took, was anyone one else with you at the time of the accident, what were you doing right before the accident ect... As you can see it will get very detailed and what I am sure you will perceive as nitpicky questions. You most certainly will be questioned about if you sustained any injuries from the accident. If you did receive injures you will be questioned about them and what physician(s) treated and how they treated you. Also, if you claim you have been physically impaired from the accident you will be questioned about how you are impaired. 

Opposing counsel will use questions to try eat away at your credibility. Be aware that the opposing counsel is not your friend. He is there trying to tear apart your testimony. So do not be surprised that he will try to make you stumble or try to make your testimony less useful for his clients interests. He or she may ask trivial questions on events or facts at the time of the accident. Such as if another person was in your car at the time of the accident, the opposing attorney may ask what type of clothes or shoes they were wearing. Another technique is to ask you questions that no matter how you answer them they will look badly upon you. What made you pick that physician? Are you feeling well now?

What to do Before Your Deposition
Know your 6 P's to help your case:

•Proper planning prevents piss poor performance!
•Look over your testimony before going to the deposition.
•If you need to and are able to go back to the accident happened.
•Hire an attorney.

If you haven't hired an attorney to go with you to the Deposition you should rethink this. You would be surprised how many people think this is not necessary, and find out very quickly how bad of a mistake this can be. Only a qualified attorney can help protect your rights.

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