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What do top law firms want in a Video company.

In a word "Dependability". Has this ever happened to you? You have hired a company to video tape your depostion and it is the day of the deposition and everyone is there, all expect your videographer! Or maybe this has happened? Once again you have hired a company to video tape your deposition, but after you get your video from the company it is of poor quality which is unusable or worse the tape is blank! Hopefully, this has never happened to you but if it has, you know the importance of choicing your videographer very carefully. Unfortunately this has happened more times than not for a lot of law firms. In fact in recent surveys taken by some of the top law firms in the country about their video-taped depositions that were produced for them in the past year. Over a third of all the law firms that replied said they had issues with their videographer. And of this statistic they said they had recieved poor quality of the audio and/or video. And if this number isn't bad enough regarding poor quality or audio it even gets worse. Over a quarter of the law firms had another issue, their tapes were blank, no video or audio on them what so ever!  It is obvious that bad video and audio is the main complaint, hands down the biggest issue with law firms. The second biggest complaint was undependable videographer. Coming in at number 3 of complaints was lack of professionalism and fourth was the price of having a video depostion done. So what do law firms want in their videographer? Over half the law firms just want a dependable service and top quality videos depostions. Number two on their wish list was a quick turnaround time on your video tapes at with over a quarter of the law firms wanting this. And rounding up number three is the service being professional at a little over 10 percent.

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