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NO NO's for Depositions.

You may have been asked to do a deposition on a topic you know about or you are a participant in a case. In either case it is good to know some do's and don'ts when you are asked to give a deposition. Well to start off  a deposition is just a way to give information that you possess about certain facts of a case to an attorney lawyer or a group of attorneys. When dealing with the court system you will find out that cases rarely happen quickly. Usually a case case takes months if not years to come before a judge. Now a deposition is just a process to gather information early in the case so that the pertinent information is still fresh and not lost. While new things and situations can be scary, you should not worry about giving a deposition. You may be asking yourself if there is some sort of etiquette you should follow. While depositions are usually informal there are a few Do's and Don't you should follow to make your experience go more smoothly.
1. Never lie or knowingly give false information:
First off if you are asked to give a deposition the attorneys must feel you have crucial information to the case. If it is found out that you have lied there is a very good chance you will be held accountable for your lie.
2. Be prompt to your scheduled meeting:
If you blow off your deposition this too can be as serious as lying and will not be looked kindly upon by the court. If you can not make your appointment contact the person who had scheduled the deposition so that they know and can reschedule it.
3. Do not try to talk information you directly do not know:
For instance you may have been witness to one thing but did not witness the event that preceded it. Then when questioned by the attorneys you try to fill in the blanks. Never do this unless the attorney's ask you directly to give your thoughts on what happened. In general always just try to give the shortest and most concise answers to the questions.
4. Stay calm:
Some deposition can take some time to get through and typically the more information you have to give the longer it will take. Most depositions can take just hours while others can take days. Some people that have little to no patience may tend to get a bit upset about participating in a deposition. Try not to let this situation get the best of you. The attorneys may take this into account and choice not to use your testimony. If you just answer the question completely and accurately the process will run quickly and smoothly for everyone. Also, if you need to take a break you will be given one as long as you finished your last question presented to you.

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