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Kilpatrick thinks he would lie again.

Previous Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick made it known that if given the chance he most likely would lie under oath about his affair with Christine Beatty. Beatty was his Chief of Staff in his administration at the time of the affair. The reason he said he would lie was to protect his wife and children from the scandal. Kilpatrick's deposition was a few weeks ago will he is still doing his time in a federal prison. He also disclosed that he had a one time affair with a federal employee who was in charge of police reforms. One of the most damning documents was a transcript filed recently were an intensive deposition by Kilpatrick was taken in early March. The transcript from the deposition reads a little like a Hollywood script, where Kilpatrick gave a rather telling account of his misdoings in his personal and political life. Kilpatrick revisited his bad choices and decisions during this scandal and he believes he should have told the truth from the get go and that would have saved everyone involved a lot of grief. Even after realizing that he commented that he doubts he would have done anything differently because he was trying to shield and protect his wife and family from this scandal. Kilpatrick is also contesting the authenticity of the text messages that are being used against him in court while at the sametime suing the company that released them to the public. There are over 1,000 pages of documents from the text message he had sent and recieved during this scandal. This scandal has plagued Kilpatrick over 2 years now and even more pain in the term of lost revenue to the tune of  $2.6 million in future revenue was determined by an expert hired by Kilpatrick.

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