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How can a superior video help win a case?

Think of it this way. In America there is around 300 million people. Of this number around ninety percent or more have and watch T.V.  And the vast majority of this number will serve on jury duty at least once (if not more) in their lifetime. You must also remember that television has a huge impact on our youth these days, who in  the not so distant future will be our next generation of jurists. Even today we live in the video age and no one can deny that fact. Now take a case that has some very intricate facts that are crucial to the outcome to the case. A professional video for the case can make all the difference in the world from helping the case be won. The reason for this is simple, it is because we as society and the jurist of today are already programmed to accept the information we receive from television as the truth. A well put together and presented video that is concise and easy to digest has a huge influence on how data is perceived and taken in by the jury. It has been proven time and time again that facts presented in the form of video is more influential and to-the-point then the written testimony or even a person giving testimony on the stand. You really can not beat the impact this media has on a jury.  Still have doubts about the power of video? Take this as an example: Let's say you have video taped all your depositions for your case. And you have caught your opposition either out and out lying or at the least contradicting themselves on the same questions in his or her depositions. Well you could stand up in court and read the testimony to the jury but that would be rather lengthy amount of time, not to mention very boring. A more dramatic presentation of the facts and which will take less time to prove your point with the jury so they can take in the information is to have clips of the person contradiction themselves on video. Nothing is more powerful then in one clip the answer was "Yes" to a question and in the next clip it was "No" for the same question. This is very powerful!

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