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Funny Man Stephen Colbert gets last laugh.

Well as many of you may or may not have heard depending on your love for a joke but Comedian Stephen Colbert was granted his superPAC and he is having the last laugh today. The Federal Election Committee (FEC) permitted him to be a superPAC for a media exemption vote of 5-1. This ruling designates Mr. Colbert superPAC activity has to be reported while any advertisements on his program is allowed to be paid for by Viacom, his parent company which owns Comedy Central, which does not have to report it. The catch is that if any advertisements are shown on other programs or networks Viacom-funded Colbert advertisers must make it know of all their financial involvements. Mr. Colbert has been preparing for this for months now to be able to make his superPAC. His superPAC makes fun of Citizens United, a conservative political advocacy group which was successful in winning a milestone Supreme Court decision which turned back campaign finance regulation So what is a superPAC one may ask? Well, they came from that 2010 Supreme Court decision I just mentioned and it permits big business, unions and individuals the ability to contribute limitless monies to outside organizations which are allowed to campaign either to help or hurt a candidate. Even though this ruling permits Mr. Colbert to make his PAC, which allows him to raise monies and create and purchase television time for political advertisements it appears it will raise even more confusion to this process. But also this truly brings up many other questions for what ramifications may be down the road for other PACs. One thing that is rather certain, politics is no laughing matter when it all comes down to the two big evils in this world today, these being greed and power. That is really all it ever seems to come down to in the end.

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