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An American Girl????

Well, you know the election season has begun when a musical performer gets livid over a politician trying to use their music without asking. This year, Tom Petty has voiced his displeasure over Michele Bachmann (MN-R) the newest Republican to enter into the Republican presidential race to cease and desist using his 1977 hit 'American Girl'. Ms. Bachmann had played this hit at her announcement rally in Iowa on Monday to announce her run for the presidential bid. Petty's manager made it clear that his client was not happy over her using his hit and wants her to immediately stop using it. This isn't the first time the rock star has had a Republican candidates trying to steal using his music for their campaign. The Great Communicator "George W. Bush" tried stealing Petty's hit 'I Won't Back Down' during some of his campaign events for his bid to get re-elected. Typically a cease-and-desist letter does the trick, in some circumstances it can get down right petty (pardon the pun). Take the case in point of Jackson Browne back in 2008 who sued the Republican National Committee. But did Mr. Browne stop there? NO, he also sued the Ohio Republican Party, and John McCain's campaign that the Ohio GOP aired using his song, "Running on Empty." Only after both sides could not get the suit thrown out did McCain publicly apologize. You may also recall in the beginning of this year, Byrne filed a lawsuit against Crist's campaign for playing a Talking Heads song. He used it in a bid to defeat his Republican opponent Marco Rubio in the 2010 campaign. This lawsuit has been settled when Crist made a rather embarrassing video apology for "borrowing" the song, "Road To Nowhere," without asking Byrne first. Is it just me or should people that run for the Highest office in the free world know better as not to steal someone else's property? Doesn't really say much about them in the first place does it? 

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