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Facebook announces to team up with Skype.

Yes, Facebook finally announced their big secret which is that they will
introduce Skype video chat to their website pages. They are looking to
revamp their website in the process and in effect help continue to dominate
their top spot as far as social networks go. They are also trying to compete
with Google as well, which they are hoping will help them in this endeavor
as well.  Now, as you may remember Microsoft just bought out Skype so
this is appearing to be a formidable match up. Facebook, CEO, Mark
Zuckerberg recently announced that his company has just hit three-quarter of
a billion users. Add that to the estimated 150 million users who use Skype
that is some impressive numbers. One of the reasons this makes sense for
Facebook to make this move is because people typically stay on a website
longer during video chat and it is just one more reason for people to use
Facebook. Of course what all this really comes down to is the hopes for
billions of dollars in the form of advertising. Facebook, also announced it
will release some type of group messaging service which may surpass its one
on one text service they now have currently. Google, not being one to sit on
its loral's has recently introduced a social networking service dubbed
Google+. Microsoft, which owns  a little over 1.5 % of Facebook and has
bought Skype for $8.5 billion is hoping to bring in some real new revenue
into the company. Microsoft being the globes' largest software company is
putting their money where there mouth is and looking to get a piece of
Google's pie with its Bing search engine, and now their Skype venture. This
should really help them be diversified into internet businesses. I mean
really, we all feel their pains and hope these mega-giants succeed in their
gluttonous greed.

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