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Please turn off all your electronic devices now, Thank you!

Yes, we have all heard this while we are getting ready for takeoff on a plane but in a legal video deposition too? The answer in a word is YES! And this applies to anything that is using wireless technology too, such as cell phones. These wireless devices generate irritating static that causes interference on the audio recordings. And while this interference is inaudible during the taping of the deposition, the microphone will hear it and will pick up everything. If you don't believe me you can reproduce this by using a phone that is able to take conference calls. While you are using the the conference phone have someone make a call with the cell phone and in a very short time you will hear an annoying buzz. So what is the high tech solution to this problem? It just takes a very low tech solution "Turn of all the wireless devices while you are taping the video deposition"! And when we say turn it off we mean "OFF" not on silent or vibrate, this will not stop it from interfering with your recording. So why take all this precautions to these may we say extreme levels? Simple you have to remember who your audience is, and in this case it is a jury. The quality of the testimony that they will hear good make or break how well they can take in the information they are hearing not to mention if they hear it at all or just tune it out because it is annoying to listen to because of the poor audio quality. So it all really comes down to how seriously everyone takes the situation and how badly they want their testimony taken seriously. It can can truly be the difference in a case, we have seen it time and time again. 

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