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Part 2 - How to chooce a good Videographer.

3. The bad-mouther

The bad-mouther of fellow colleagues should be a big clue of the mindset of the person you are interviewing to record your deposition. While we on some level have grown to expect attorneys to be more cut throat among their fellow colleagues, that should in no way translate over into the profession of the videographer. The person that bad mouths his fellow colleagues should be looked upon as a petty person who is insecure and or is a person that feels the need to try to gain an advantage over his competition. While competition in certain markets may be furious the true videographer professional has no problem going off his reputation and testimonials from their past clients, because they have nothing to worry about. While the person that does substandard work in this field can not say the same thing. Case in point, have you ever heard of the idea that you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about someone by watching how they treat their waitress or waiter? My father taught me this lesson at an early age and it is eerie how accurate this little observation really can be. Now the same holds true for any profession, just observe how the person treats his fellow counterparts. I would like to think this happens less often then not but sadly it appears to be happening more and more these days. Maybe it is the economy or just peoples attitudes towards their fellow man (or woman) has taken a turn for the worse in recent times. Whatever the reason, when you see it, it is ugly. Do you really want to go down this slippery slope? And you have to remember your reputation with your client as an attorney is a little bit on the line as well. I mean if the person you have picked to do the deposition is unprofessional what does that say about you in the eyes of your client?

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