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Wisconsin Capitol still under tight security.

Usually the traffic going through the Wisconsin State Capital Building seems to run smoothly at first glance. That is if you have the proper identification to blow past the security check points. But god forbid you forget your identification or just do not have any because of your age, then look out and be prepared for the consequences. For starters you might as well just begin taking out everything in your pockets. You will then be sent through a metal detector, which if it goes off get ready to go to the next procedure which is to be wanded down by hand. Now imagine impressionable school children watching all of this, how we as Americans treat our citizens to enter a state capital building. And why yes even they "the school children" are seen and viewed as potential threats. Now Wisconsins' Governor Scott Walker (R) is looking to slash even more public education money and trying to takeaway rights from public workers. And with the Capital at an all time high for security one has to wonder what threat they perceive is against them. Democratic legislators and a huge group of Wisconsin citizens are calling for action as to why the state Department of Administration (DOA) has not return the security level back to pre 9/11 measures as directed by a court order. Many Democratic leaders are at a loss as to why this extreme level has still been maintained, it just looks like a huge waste of money. What a sad state of affairs does this message send to our youth in this country that our state institutions do not even trust our own citizens little own our own children. It is still unclear when the heightened security will be return back to normal levels. When will the State comply with the law of the land that it says it wants to help to protect, honor and serve.

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