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Where to hold a Deposition?

With all the depositions that happen everyday throughout the United States it is rather mind boggling of the sheer numbers. And what is probably even more mind boggling is that the majority of these depositions go off without a hitch. Of course in the legal field it goes without saying that everything eventually gets regulated. The same is true even with how attorneys should handle depositions. Attorneys are now being limited to talking objections or now can only in rare instances be able to give advice not to answer a question to their clients. Another thing that just may kill some attorneys is that they have to now play nice in depositions and be courteous. The days of attorneys badgering each other is all but over in depositions. Now with all these depositions happening day in and day out most people do not have a clue of what goes on behind the scenes to setup a a venue to hold the deposition. Usually, it can be as easily as the attorneys asking the question "Your place or mine?" This is no big deal usually but there are circumstance where this can be an issue. How could something that seems so straightforward turning into a nightmare you may ask? Well, take a case in point, let's say you have a case that has some witness out of the state or even the country what do you do then? I think you can see very quickly how this type of situation can get rather difficult to plan and coordinate a place to hold a deposition. So what is the quick answer? Well, video conferences is a really viable option and even courts have recognized this media and directed the deposition to be held in this way. This is also very helpful when the deponent lives out of the United States and either can not obtain a Visa or it is an unreasonable expense to travel to the United States.

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