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Quickest Deposition in History.

Maybe you are not weird in such ways as I but I feel I have to ask the question. Have you ever wondered about depositions? I do not mean in general but more specifically how long depositions last. Yes, I know this is all a bit bizarre but after sitting in depositions day in and day out sometimes the mind just wanders off to these sort of trivia questions, not to mention possible bar questions (and I am not speaking the legal kind) to possibly win a beat for a free beer by an unsuspecting sucker (and I am not talking the candy either). So I must admit my mind has wandered on the durations that depositions last. Like I have said before I have sat through many a deposition to get a feel for the typical time for depositions but what about the longest and shortest depositions. Now I must say both intrigued me but if I had to choice between just picking one of the two durations of depositions I would have to opted for shortest deposition. My train of thought (yes I actually had a train of thought on this matter), I picked the shortest deposition because it intrigues me because as we all know nothing in the legal profession is quick or short. I guess I just assume depositions are suppose to take sometime. but just the sheer idea of the shortest deposition is really a very curious thing. I know in time the longest deposition will get the best of me but that is for a later time. So with out further ado we will get to it. It truly appears to be an actual deposition for a divorce, need I say more? Well I probably could but I won't. Please see below...

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