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More disgrace out of the Republican camp.

With scandals happening more and more frequently it is getting rather ho-hum anymore unless the scandal is above and beyond the normal sleaze. The latest victim of course is Senator John Ensign (R) out of Nevada, who (finally) rightfully resigned his position. Now of course the Democrat have had there fair share of scandals but when one holds themselves out to be holy then others that is usually when things take a turn for the worse for you. And when it was determined that he was involved with the wife of his chief of staff, but still did not step down after two years from when the story broke, that was just appalling. But as more and more facts started coming out, such as an almost $100,000 remittance from his parents to one of Ensign previous staff member, that just started a butt load of investigations by the Senate Ethics Committee. He then announced only that he would not run for re-election in 2012. And with just a mere day before he was forced to testify before a panel about his involvement about the nearly $100,000 in payment, the last straw came for him and he announced he was resigning. The Senate Ethics Committee commented that Ensign finally did the right thing by resigning. Of course Ensign proclaims he is innocent of any wrongdoings. Funny how Republicans don't find adultry wrong? But turning our attention to Nevada, it is one of those all important swing states, and with the ousting of Ensign this still gives the Republicans a tiny hope that they can regain this post in the 2012 elections. The vacant Senate seat most assuredly will be filled by congressman Dean Heller (R) by Governor Brian Sandoval (R) of Nevada. But the Democrats have a very strong candidate lined up in representative Shelley Berkley. Another possible outcome is that Sharron Angle, the Tea Party candidate who lost to Senator Harry Reid (D) in 2010 for his Senate seat may try to win Heller's vacant post in a special election.

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