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Microsoft blamed for Skype woes.

With the recent acquisition of Microsoft buying out Skype things have seemingly started off with a rocky start. One of the first hiccups came recently with issues that had a tiny number of its customers not being able to login to their service. The company issued a statement saying that it was working on the problem and felt they would have a solution ironed out quickly. The inability to log on to the site came from its website which had a corruption issue with computers using Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems. The software giant Microsoft which is buying Skype for a whooping $8.5 billion has announced they are upgrading Skype for better performance on Window and Mac systems last week. A manual update will be put in place for people using Linux. On a brighter note Skype announced that people who use their service on cells, TV. or other media should have no issues. Skype users are estimated at around 170 million users from all over the world for free calls or chats. This service has made a huge impact on peoples lives for free or very cheap audio or video calls. The number of users has dramatically grown from it modest users base because of people looking to save money on their long distance bill. In a shrewd move Microsoft’s buyout of Skype allows the world’s largest software manufacture the ability to make more money by selling even more digital advertising not to mention to cut into the market share of conferencing tools for companies. Some of Skype’s other services range from online socializing, cell phones and digital video. Needless to say Microsoft has been lagging way behind on these types of services unlike Google, Facebook and Apple. It was truly only a matter of time before Microsoft got into these markets, it is just hard to believe it took them this long to do it.

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