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Isn't technology grand!

Isn't technology grand!

Well, I do not know why this surprises me but now all of you IPad people now have an app so that you can prepare for a deposition. And what you make ask is the name for this app? Well the "Deponent App" of course. This app was made by Majority Opinion, because of the presumably high need from those busy fast paced attorneys on the go as to assists them is preparing questions for a deposition. Now if you think this is just some namby-pamby app that is just trying to sock you wallet of its money you would be sadly mistaken. With over 150 questions from a huge number of categories to choice from it appears they have not over looked anything. Take for example things such like Rebuttles or Expert Qualifications, these are organized in the order of how to present and arrange the text for your witnesses. Not only that but every question can be corresponded to an exhibit. You can also change these questions and modify the categories or make your own. The president of Majority Opinion, Josh Gilliland, came up with the brain child of is Deponent App while he overheard a state court judge say that over 90% of court cases in the United States is at the state level. Gilliland said to himself, self I need to build and app that would help assist the vast amount of attorneys in the United States. The final straw to set the wheels in motion came after a friend who was looking to purchase an IPad and was clueless on how to operate it for his law practice. Gilliland set his thoughts in motion on how he could make an app that would work well for attorneys in the broadest sense. Gilliland's then envisioned the Deponent, which its total function in life is to inquire into more questions than it answers. And when you are in the business of asking a lot of questions this is a very good thing!

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