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Is Video Depositions a Must?

It can not be overstated, Technology, Technology, Technology. With the emergence of the internet and websites such as YouTube gaining popularity everyday it is not hard to see the power of video. Everything from entertainment, educational or even pranks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to videos on YouTube. The power of videos have a gigantic influence and now attorneys and the legal field in general are sitting up and taking notice. Some people find it hard to embrace change and some attorneys are no different. The most insightful ones know a good thing when they see one and using video in depositions is definitely a plus for a variety of reasons. First off when you use video for your depositions instead of just a stenographic transcript it gives the testimony that is being presented a life of its own. In this light it gives the jury a vivid interpretation of the facts of the case. It will most likely keep their attention on the facts of the case that your are trying to provide to them. It is said that testimony taken and printed out can be quite compelling by a believable witness, now imagine the same testimony that in captured on video. It can turn mediocre or good testimony into great testimony when using video. If you still doubt this fact just take a peek around the YouTube website and see how many people are viewing these videos. Oh sure some are better then others but I think you will see the potential. And for all the "old schoolers" out their let me put it to you this way. Take into account some of the biggest companies in the world, Intel, Apple or Coke Cola for example. These mega organizations are household names but yet they continue to pump millions upon millions of dollars into advertising, namely TV. Now while the motivates are a bit different the concept is basically the same, videos sell.

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