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Court says Edwards has to give another deposition.

Last week a North Carolina judge decided that John Edwards (a past democratic presidential candidate) has to partake in yet another deposition so that more testify can be gathered in a lawsuit against his past extra martial lover, who was of Edwards leading aides. The former Senator has already been deposed in a suit of Rielle Hunter, Edwards and Hunter had a child together. Andrew Young, who was one of the Edwards leading political advisors in his 2008 presidential campaign. Hunter has sued Young to get back paraphernalia which she claims is her property, one of these items is an alleged lovemaking video that stars Edwards. The next deposition is scheduled for June 20. After 2 weeks of when the transcript has been completed and passed out to everyone, Judge Fox will entertain arguments and make a decision on whether or not he will allow all, part or none of Edwards' deposition to be released. A number of news agencies won at least a limited battled last week when they won the release of a few documents of the case from Fox. One of these documents was a motion that was filed by Edwards lawyer, a Mr. James Cooney, who tried to pursued the judge to stop any more depositions for is client because it they would be in bad faith. Some of the opposing attorneys in the case, Robert Elliot, David Pishko and Allison Maddux claim that Edwards either did not answer some of the questions completely or just declined to answer questions. The news companies are looking for additional information in the case that may be distributed by the North Carolina court. The news organizations lawyers claim that a lot of these details have already been made public by numerous other outlets. This is there reasoning why the motions and depositions up to date should be allowed to be made public records under North Carolina law.

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