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Auto Accident Questions for Depositions.

Hopefully you will never been involved in a automobile accident but chances are you will be during your lifetime. With such static's it is less likely you will be called upon to testify or be deposed for a automobile accident. If you are though there are some things you should know to be prepared for it. Your first question may be "What is a deposition?" or "Is there any way to get ready for one?" or "What type of questions could I be asked during a deposition?". What is a Deposition?

A deposition is merely a way or a tool if you will that attorneys use to find out the facts of a case before they go to trial. In the case of automobile accidents it is just a process to take a persons testimony in regards to the accident. An attorney representing the other side will be present as well when your testimony is taken and recorded by a court reporter. The testimony that is gathered can be used in court if it goes to trial. Do not be surprised if your testimony is recorded by one of the following medias, tape-recorded or video-taped. If you so wish you may have your own attorney at the deposition.

Some of the most popular questions used in an automobile accident Deposition.
First off you will typically be asked to give your full name, where you currently reside, where you have resided in the past. Also, most likely you will be questioned about where you work, your annual income, how long you have worked there, any jobs you have either left willing or hired from. Also, you will most likely be asked about your complete medical background. This includes any accidents or injuries you may have sustained previously and if you had incurred injuries they will want extensive details regarding these injuries. Continued for tomorrow...

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