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Are there must questions to ask in a Deposition?

Most good attorneys know one of the main reasons to concentrate their time and hard earned cash to go after a hostile witness is to try to catch them in a lie or lies during a deposition. Now some attorneys employee private investigators to tail and keep an eye on a witness or to gather information into their past history. In fact a deposition is one of the best instruments up an attorney's sleeve to dig up the dirt and knock away at the opposing witnesses credibility. Some areas to go after is questioning an eye witnesses version of what happened, challenging an adverse opinion or unmasking prejudice. Like in anything there are good and bad, and attorneys are no different. It is surprising how a lot of attorneys do not even ask all the pertinent questions to help their cause in their quest of finding the truth or lies. There are just natural questions in any deposition that are made to find and bring out the facts in a case. It does not matter if it is employment law or immigration law some questions just ache to be asked. But sadly a huge number of these "must questions", if not all are not asked while questioning a hostile witness, which like I said can and should be asked in any type of case. Now do not get me wrong, some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you but that is just life. But when you do find that one question it will be a winner if not a game changer. Yes, the correct or incorrect answers to these "must questions" can be so damning to the opposing side that it can directly affect how the case ends in your clients side.

So tomorrow the Top Ten Greatest Questions to ask in a Depo.

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