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When would you want to videotape your deposition?

You would be surprised the amount of lawyers that ask this question. Some just do not see the importance of this tool that is at their disposal for their clients. But a videotaped deposition can truly be a life safer for your client in helping preserve vital information in their case. The main reason to videotape your deposition would be because the deponent may be old or sickly and there is a good chance they may pass away before they can testify in court. Some other common scenario's for preserving testimony in your case if: the deponent is just not available to testify, the deponent is too sick to testify, the deponent is a good risk to run or hide before trial, as not to testify. The statutes in various locations can permit for certain expert’s testimony to be given by video. This is even true in the case that the person is available to testify in court. Another reason to videotape a deposition is because the testimony taken in the video can be used to impeach a witness if they change their testimony in court. This is probably one of the most powerful tools to use in debunking a witness. When the jury can see a witness make a statement on the video deposition and then has given a completely different answer in court can have a huge impact on them compared to just reading the transcript testimony back to them. Another reason to videotape a deposition can be a surprising one but none the less effective. It is that it has a positive effect on most people that it settles down troublesome litigants and lawyers. It is a proven fact that people are programmed to watch their P's and Q's more when they are being videotaped and this is even amplified more if a videographer is taping them. This can make all the difference in the world as well, because their isn't as much arguing and bickering between sides which means a 2 day deposition could possibly be reduced to a 1 day deposition.

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