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The New age Deposition.

With you just reading this article it is proof that technology just keeps sky-rocketing year by year. And as our world continues to shrink through technological innovations the same is also true of legal software technology companies that makes software to assist litigation lawyers to be successful in this ever changing and unrelenting field. Just think of it, we now have the technology to be able to have senior attorneys from a law office sit in on a deposition remotely to be able to give their input. This does not even take into account you could do the same with experts, or other resources for advising in a deposition and all without even traveling away from your law firm. Today there are such businesses out there that supply web-based software that provides live streaming video of the deponent, real-time transcripts, and a chat system. The chat software permits the lawyer who is at the deposition location the ability to judiciously pass information back and forth with remote users. Depositions that are conducted via the internet are very crucial to attorneys that are being stretched in many areas day in and day out these days. Now just imagine you can setup a "situation" room at your law firm where you can have all the depositions being directed back to your main office where senior counsel can analyze the information. And that old adage "Time is money" holds so true in these situations because the quicker you can get and look over the information the quicker you can get ready for the deposition for the next day. Typically a ballpark figure for cases is the price for this type of software is roughly 1/3 the cost of videoconferencing. As with everything there is a give and take and the take in this case is that there is a lag time using this type of software over videoconferencing. The lag time is something you have to consider and it can be anywhere from 10 seconds to up to a minute. Keep this in mind if you plan on being an active participant in the deposition where you will be interacting a lot or objecting. If this is going to be the case I would highly recommend videoconferencing.

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