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Part 2... We all need to work together toward Cyber-Security.

As I commented yesterday, the federal government needs to be involved in the development of cyber-security, while also encouraging incentives for companies that participate in cyber-security which is imperative for this country. But we should not stop there, we also need to expand our knowledge on cyber-security education to the general public as well. In the business community though incentives will help companies to go that extra mile to achieve better security. Some types of incentives that could encourage companies might be to lower liabilities on companies that incorporate the best known methods practices but still get hit by hackers. In the United States a little under 15% of all the budgets were allocated for security in 2010. Now if you look at the globe market which deals with almost $10 trillion in online transactions these numbers just do not jive together. Then if you take into account that current numbers show that there is approximately 55,000 new threats in the forms of viruses, malware, spyware or worms each year from reports coming out of the Commerce Department this is a very serious threat. Now with our economy still in a rather delicate situation it is even more important we shore up our online security before a real disaster happens. No one can deny that our economy is interconnect with the global economy and so too must be our security to fend off cyber attacks. Our online commerce is certainly a must to help turn around our economy and so to must be our unrelenting pursuit of protecting ourselves from this menace. Now of course some businesses are more crucial and should have higher security measures, take for example the banking sector as compared to a social network site but none the less all should be protected. The Obama administration is aware of the need to protect out internet infrastructure and is in total agreement that this type of program needs to happen.

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