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Part 2... How to Make a Great Video.

4. Let your audience know what you can do for them.
Let them know how you stand out from other companies or services in your field. In fact this is really the start of your pitch letting your audience know just how much they need your product or service you are selling them.

5. Stress the benefits of your product or services.
A lot of people believe that they can entice people with all the bells and whistles of their product or services but in truth what the consumer really wants to know about is how it will help them with whatever problem or solution they are looking to fix.

6. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
Keep your pitch short and sweet. Today in this fast paced world we live in people are pressed for time not to mention it seems like everyone has A.D.D syndrome these days so this is another reason to keep it short. A typical video should only be around 2 – 3 minutes at most to catch someone's attention and leaving them wanting more.

7. It is all about the product or services, Not you!
It can not be stressed enough this video is for your product or service, remember why your audience are looking at your video. It is because they are looking for a product or service, nothing more, nothing less.

8. Help yourself and show some emotion!!!
Lastly, if you can't even get excited about your product or services who will? You have to believe in the product or services you are trying to sell. It really helps if you believe in what you are trying to sell your audience because if you don't you probably shouldn't be trying to sell it. 

Hopefully these tips will help you in your quest on making a great video.

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