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Part 1... We all need to work together toward Cyber-Security.

The United States Department of Commerce suggested in a recent announcement that companies doing business on the Internet should have a standard of guidelines to help lower and stop cyber-attacks and deceit online. This standard needs to be an elaboration with the private sector and the federal government. One of the key starting points should come from the Department of Commerce in help getting companies get coordinated and to help build independent guidelines and methods while sharing cyber-security best known practices. All this came out of a 75-page “Cyber security, Innovation and the Internet Economy” report which was distributed yesterday by the Internet Policy Task Force. The main job of the government should only be to help this trade to build better ways of operating on the internet through a voluntary standard of guidelines that would bring together numerous technical standards that already exist, the announcement went on to say. These standards of guidelines will show a general group of obligations that businesses can refer to as a baseline when they are developing their own cyber-security needs. The announcement went on to say that it is not the role of the federal government to choose which technologies work and which do not work. But it should be the job of government to be an active participant in helping businesses to get protocals in place with the best known standards and techniques that help protect the security of the country and businesses online. With all internet businesses helping to increase a standard on how we can all protect ourselves within the internet it will only help maintain this country's security and the security of all companies who do business on the internet from either hackers or people trying to steal information. The announcement went on to say that the agency will need to obtain thoughts and solutions through the business community on how to help solve how best to accomplish these solutions to the problems which still lie ahead of us on how best to accomplish this task.

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