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Part 1... How to Make a Great Video.

Everyone is looking to help bring new or existing customers to their website but many have no idea on just how to go about doing it. Well one sure way to get this accomplished is using video on your website. Like anything your attitude should be if it is worth doing, due it right. I mean what is the point of taking the time to make a video if all it does in the end is to drive people away?

We have come up with some general things to keep in mind when making a video. 

1. First off take the time and pick your Background wisely.
Before you start your video you really need to spend sometime and think about the background you will use. In general it should be a simple background. Needless to say you shouldn't have your dirty clothes hanging off your chair in the background. One it looks very unprofessional and secondly it is just plain nasty. You have to keep in mind that the attention should be on you and not what is in the background!

2. Interact with your Audience. 
A good videographer knows that you need to record the subject at eye level. This helps you to ensure that you engage your audience and by keeping eye contact this will greatly help you to keep your audiences attention. To accomplish this you will want to put your video camera on the same line as your line of sight. What this will do for you is give your audience the feeling that you are talking to them directly.

3. Try not to turn off your audience.
Many a videographer has produced an effective video clip but at the end of it they blew all that hard work because they either they got away from their original message or they just went off on a tangent that distracted them away from the message your were trying to present. It is imperative to stay  focused on the material you are trying to present to your audience.

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