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Mayor Michael Bloomberg recent deposition.

At a recent deposition that is involved in a discrimination case against a business, Mayor Michael Bloomberg started, he explained to attorneys that he believed that the dedication employees have, has not changed in nearly 30 years. He went on to say that he has little regard to anyone who leaves his business which still bears his name, Bloomberg L.P. The Mayor had told the attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in depositions back in 2009 that it was his belief even more now then back then that anyone that leaves a company to then find employment with a revile company should flop. He had been asked about this past statement after he was challenged about it when he had made a statement about if an employee leaves to a rival company, "then we all heartily and cordially really do hope they fail." Little tidbits of the deposition were held in court documents that were made accessible back in April in federal court in Manhattan. The EEOC began its suit against Bloomberg L.P in 2007. In so doing they allege that the company was in the practice of demoting females, taking away their responsibilities and leaving them out of other career advancements if they became pregnant. The Mayor began his videotaped testimony begrudgingly, and even throughout the deposition he got belligerent and in one instance told an attorney "If you want to take things out of context, just state that you're going to do that." And when the topic turned to that of discrimination, Bloomberg tried to place as much space from his company practices. In his defense things have taken place since he turned over control of the operation of his communications company since he had taken the office of mayor in 2002. He was then asked if he believes that it should be mandatory for all upper management to take anti-discrimination training, he said: "I'm not running the company, I have no idea."

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