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What happens in a deposition.

First off you will be contacted by an attorney asking you to give information you may have about a case they are working on. Now when you show up to the deposition which is usually at a law office of one of the attorneys involved in the case there will be attorneys for both sides of the case in attendance and also a court reporter and possibly a videographer. The court reporter and videographer presence there are to make sure that all of the testimony given is captured is accurately. The attorneys will determine later if your testimony has pertinent information in the case that may help their side. Prior to the deposition starting you will be sworn in  affirming that you will tell the truth about the testimony you are about to give. After you have affirmed this oath the attorneys will begin their questions to you. They typically start of with simple information about you such as your name, when you were born and where you work etc. Typically answer question with a "Yes" or "No" answer where you can. After one attorney has questioned you, you will probably be cross-examined by the opposing attorney. This type of questioning can go back and forth for sometime depending on the information they are trying to obtain from you. The whole purpose of a deposition is to capture all the information that will possibly help their side in the case. Just remember that this is a very serious situation. You are being asked by the attorneys and in essence the court to help in the matter before the court. Do not think you can just blow off the deposition the court will not look kindly on this kind of behavior. As long as you show up to the deposition and answer the attorneys questions truthfully and accurately you will have done your duty in the eyes of the court. 

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