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Some good things for a witness to know in a Video Deposition.

We get this question a lot from attorneys on how to get someone ready for a video deposition. You would think it would be basically the same as a deposition that is not using video but no there are some major differences you should be aware of. The first thing you have to realize is that the camera catches everything and does not lie. You should make sure that the person that will be testifying in the deposition, should dress appropriately for it while still being comfortable but professional looking. They should never wear loud clothing such as big striped or checkered clothing. In the same regard they should avoid wearing gaudy jewelry or anything that could possibly distract the audience from the material the witness has to present. Too much white or black on the witnesses attire can make it hard to make a proper video because it is harder to get the proper exposure for the video equipment. In contrast, a light blue shirt or blouse will usually enhance the greatest color balance and exposure of the person doing the deposition. Every person who testifies in a video deposition, and not too mention everyone in the room of the taping of the deposition, should turn off their cell phones or at the very least put them on vibrate. Needless to say this should be done for any other  wireless communication devices while they are in the deposition. It is really ideal to turn off all these devices because they can interfere with the video audio signal in the deposition. Once at the deposition the background for the person getting deposed should be neutral. You should not permit the person who is doing the deposition to be placed in front of a window, or big artwork, a doorway etc. This will cause a major distraction for the audience of the video, not to mention it will make your witness look unprofessional. Another consideration should be that the lighting at the location should be evenly distributed and well lit so a high quality video can be produced that is free of shadows that will not be distracting to your audience.

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