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Part 1 - How to chooce a good Videographer.

Maybe this has happened to you? You have signed a contract with a videographer who has turned out to be less then professional. Some people are just not cutout to work in this business. They are either in a job they do not like or just in it for the money. Other videographers just have over inflated egos or think they know everything. If only if there were a machinr to easily spot these types of people. Well, maybe you have a unique knack of weeding out the bad apples or you just rely on luck finding a good videographer. But on the other hand you could get someone that is unprofessional or is incapable of properly editing  your video deposition or maybe they are just slow or hard to get a hold of. Now maybe you are just one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth and good things just fall your way but for most of us mere mortals this is not the case and we need outside help. So for all the people that fall into this category we will be giving some advice and tips on what to look for in a "bad" videographer.

Some of the Red Flags:

1. The Know-It-All:
The person that never knew a question they could not answer. These people typically know just enough to be dangerous to themselves and everyone around them. They can come up with an answer to any question even though they have never heard of it before. And when you question them on how they will accomplish the recently never heard before question they will tell you they have done it hundreds of time and it's no big deal. Be weary of people that seem to know every subject matter under the world.

2. The Rambling Babbling Technical Talker.
This person seems to try to show how much technical jargon they can stuff in a sentence. Which needless to say you could give a hoot about. This person may remind you of a used car salesman throwing out technical terms you have never heard before. Be weary of people that seem to be overly trying to impress you with their use of technical babble.

Continued tomorrow....

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