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Old Depo causes controversy of 1918 World Series.

With the approach of the 100th anniversary of the 1918 World Series approaching it leaves some to wonder. And with that series their were some firsts, "The Star-Spangled Banner" began its tradition at sporting events in this series, which is not surprising being that World War I was ending and patriotism was high. The bambino threw a shutout in the first game. And who could forget the notorious Red Sox curse that lasted for 86-years which was broken in 2004. Now even if you are not one to believe in curses this one in 1918 was a whooper and could have made a believer out of the most skeptical person. Some say that the 1918 World Series was the most current playoff series that involved the two most cursed teams in baseball. Yes those would be the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. In modern times it appears to be gaining momentum in the number of people starting to believe it. Almost as much as the infamous Black Sox Series that was played in 1919. What started all this controversy was a book written by Sean Deveney back in 2009. He had discovered an old deposition that was given by an Eddie Cicotte. He was a pitcher, and one of the main architects of the Black Sox scandal in 1919. Here is an excerpt from his deposition:

"I am making this statement of my own free will and accord without any promise of award of any kind or description. The way it started, we were going east on the train. The ball players were talking about somebody trying to fix the National League ball players or something like that in the World Series of 1918. Well anyway there was some talk about them offering $10,000 or something to throw the Cubs in the Boston Series. ... Somebody made a crack about getting money, if we got into the series, to throw the series. ..."

Now to put it in to its content of the time it is not a stretch to think that players of that era would try to make some extra money seeing how little they were paid as players. Not to mention that gambling was huge back then as well, it was a formula for disaster. It appears from this deposition that maybe the 1919 Series was not the first one to be corrupted by gambling.

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