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Next segment on discussion on Video Depositions.

The number one thing you need to do is find a tranquil location for the video deposition. While you would think is beyond even mentioning, it is NOT! First off a location that you think is very peaceful or quiet may not be quiet at all when it is captured on video. It is truly errie how much someone can block out amibient noises such as air conditioning system kicking on and off, people walking past in the hallway, the buzz of flourencent lights. Maybe this has happened to you, you are sitting in a room that for all intensive purposes is "quiet" and then all of the sudden an applicence kicks on or off that you didn't even realize was on or off in the first place and gives you a scare. Well the explantion why you didn' notice it in the first place is because that you unconienously place these types of sounds in with all the background sounds in the room, and in a very short time you truly don't hear it anymore. But as soon as something kicks back on or off you can bet your last dollar that you will hear the next time it does and your "quiet" location is anything but quiet. Now while it is true that ever location will have its own ambient noises and as a video deposition producer should be aware of this. And while people can tune this noise out the video and more precisely the audio can not tune out this ambient noise from the video recording. Here lies the rub of the problem that, that air conditioning system that kicks on or off will be easily picked up and become rather annoying and distracting throughout your video. Now you will never find a totally silent location but you can minimize this issue by first scooping out the location. You can do this by going into the room and closing the door and and remain very still and listen very hard for any sounds. Anything you can hear will surely be heard by your microphone on the taping of the deposition.

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