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Lets discuss Video Depositions and some things you should keep in mind.

First off if you don't know this already or not but sound quality is very important more so then even the video quality. If you stop for a second and wrap your head around it I think it will begin to make sense to you. If you have ever watched a deposition that is on video of a person giving testimony you know what I am talking about that the sound quality is by far more influential than the quality of the video. Some way be a bit confused or in disbelief with this statement of the sound over video debate. At best you may believe that both carry an equal amount of weight when doing video depositions. But stop and really think about this for a second. Once again if you have watched video depositions of a witness, what do you really see of them? Well, typically you see their face and their shoulders of them, seated at a table. Usually they are looking off in the direction of the attorney asking the questions and that's about it. Nothing too exciting or out of the norm oh you may get an occasional yawn, or catch them as they look over some documents but other then that I dare say it is a rather boring visual for the person who has to sit there and watch it. Now take into account the audio of the testimony. Unlike if the video is a not crisp or poor lighting etc. the audience can over look it as long as they can understand the testimony. The same is not true in the opposite direction. A video can have a great picture quality even the highest HD quality of the person bad teeth and all that is giving the testimony in the video deposition. But if you can not hear the testimony or it is of poor quality what good is the video testimony? Well I can tell you the video is worthless and you might as well use it as a door stop. I would dare say it would even be unusable in court, you might as well just read the transcript and that is a real snoozer. Now it is not rocket science to capture a crisp and audio to your video deposition. You have to keep in mind of some critical things to keep in mind but that is for tomorrow. 

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