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Lawyers find that depositions can be hard for some Real Estate Agents.

Some real estate agents have found depositions to be extremely stressful. This can be a real problem for an agent that has never been involved with a deposition before. Many have turned to attorneys for advice on how to prevent themselves from getting in to trouble and their agencies when they are put in these situations. For starters the best thing any agent can do is have a basic understanding of what happens in a deposition. Then follow the known procedures that can help elevate any problems or a poor result. Here are some key hitters:
- It is a common misconception that a deposition is a "normal" conversation. This is the first mistake made by agents that usually have never been involved with a deposition before. A deposition can, at times feel like you are being interrogated and once you have done a deposition you will never think of it as a "normal conversation" again. You have to remember the opposing attorney is trying to get any information out of you that he may use to help benefit his client.
- For the previous reason the agent is extremely advised to meet with his or her own attorney before the deposition to go over any issues or trouble spots they think they may have during the deposition.
- Also, remember deposition is not a test, you do not have to try and remember every little detail, you are allowed to look over documents to refresh your memory.
- You should know that a fact witness can testify what the witness, felt, heard, sensed, etc., but they can not give their opinions. An expert witness is allowed to give their opinions.
- It is very important that you understand the question asked of you and just give a brief but accurate answer, never divulge any information that you do not know as fact.

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