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L.A. Law syndrome.

With so many people nowadays believing that what they see on TV is real it is now wonder things seem to be as messed up as they appear. Case in point how about the law and to be more specific how a lawsuit and the case is handle in a court of law. This is like the difference from night and day of what really is involved getting a case prepared. Here is a typical TV scenario involving a law show: On Monday Billy Bob goes to an attorney and proclaims he wants to sue a major restaurant chain because while having breakfast there he spilled a hot cup of coffee on his lap. Then on Tuesday we get all the details and both sides get ready to go to court. Then on Wednesday we are thrown into the courtroom were the attorneys battle it out, where the last 5 minutes the judge lets us know who wins. The stupidity hurts your head, and yes these types of TV shows cater to people who shall we say are challenged on the intelligence level but still can we keep some sort of reality. It really does a disservice to people that do not have a clue of the countless hours the attorneys, judges, plaintiffs, defendants and juries. Yes, even the juries, the amount of time all the these people spend during a case is overwhelming and for a TV show to simplify it to the level they do is just mind boggling. People just do not understand the amount of hours attorneys put in to a case, going over mounds of documents, which are by nature usually some of the most boring and nearly impossible to understand documents in the world. Then there are the motions and the counter-motions, the fact finding requests and of course the oppositions to the fact finding requests. Not to mention getting the witness prepared, practicing depositions and then having the actual depositions and it goes on and on.

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