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How to optimize sound quality on a Video deposition.

When you are in the business of making high quality video taped depositions you know that sound quality is everything. And to that end any good videographer should use a separate microphone for anyone that will be giving testimony who will be on the record. All the microphones are then connect through a mixer. A mixer is just a piece of electronic equipment which lets the videographer control the amount of volume that each microphone picks up and then "mix" them together on one or two channels as needed for the video. The reason for using several microphones gives the videographer a huge range of control in regards to background noise. How it does this is by the positioning of every microphone very near to the person who is talking (ideally it is best to use a clip microphone that can we worn on their clothing). The purpose of this is to get the majority of the speakers voice in the microphone while the background noise is greatly minimized right off the bat. Also, the videographer can raise or lower the volume of the person talking to help reduce background noise. The secret most do not understand is that the true magic here is the videographer. He has to keep a constant vigil on watching the audio levels to pull this trick off. They have to be a true master on how much the volume amounts need to be adjusted constantly, not to mention all the different speakers. This can only be accomplished by using a headset and total concentration on what you are doing. If your videographer use this technique it can make all the difference in the world, especially if the location you are taping at has a lot of background noise.

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