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How says depositions are dry or boring.

In a he said, she said where the he is a Larry Mendte who proclaims she an Alycia Lane started the romance but it was he who was the one to stop the inappropriate behavior. In her version he was the one who tried to start a romance but she quickly ended it. It almost reads like a cheap dime store novel but no, it is a real life lawsuit that is going on with Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane. The two were co-anchors for CBS and the civil suit which began in 2008 where Mendte admitted to breaking into Lane's personal computer and reading her e-mails. He was then made to serve his time to home confinement and probation. In a recent deposition that was done back in January and was filed in February, it got rather steamy. Mendte spoke of how he had a conversation with Lane that they needed to be careful not to get romantic. But it got physical numerous times, where on one occasion she came out of her bedroom only sporting a bra. In Lane's deposition her take on who made the first move was 180 degrees out from Mendte's. She claims he was the one to imitate their first kiss. Then she want on to say that he kept pursuing her on numerous occasions. She saw the writing on the wall rather quickly when he gave her an expensive necklace while she gave him a cheap kitchen appliance at a company gift exchange for a Christmas party. Also, he would give her other presents trying to win her over. Lane went on to say that she got to the point that she was afraid of Mendte because of his constant attraction to her. The case is slatted to go to trial in May. Who ever thinks that depositions are boring just has never been to the right deposition. Timing really is everything!

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