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GOP presidential hopeful brags about cheating on his wife.

With some of the latest craziness coming out of the Republican camp it really is no surprise what Newt Gingrich has been saying. He has actually said that cheating on his wife helped his thought process on how to impeach former President Clinton. This is very disturbing on many levels not only personally but politically as well as how our society views marriage. Gingrich commented that his involvement with all his heated and horrid divorces while giving depositions genuinely helped him in his quest to impeach President Clinton. In other statements that Gingrich gave for the reasoning why he cheated on his past spouses all the time was because he loved his country so much! I mean the passion for his country and was so great and deep that he could not help himself going after anything that walked in a skirt. And he did all this while his one wife was even in the in the hospital. What a guy! Most people would say the devil made me do it but nope for Newt it was his passion. Passion has that affect on some people I guess. Which leads one to ask the question, if he has so much passion for his country to cheat on all his wives, what is stopping him from cheating on his country as well? Now with Gingrich looking to via for a GOP presidential bid this lame excuse is his way to try to appease the hard right wing conservatives and he can only hope that they over look he is a bold faced liar. It is truly scary how some people can distort reality to either help them ease their conscious or they are just living in their own little world. This is understandable for a individual but what is really scary is when a entire community or population start believing it!  

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