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Common roles of legal videographers.

Well, first off one of the most important jobs of the videographer is to understand their video equipment and the proper functions of all the cables and audio/video-recording devices. The videographer should know the importance of arriving early to the videotaped deposition. This is to insure a smooth set up before the deposition begins so no one has to wait on them. You have to keep in mind of your clients who will be getting deposed for their expert testimony such as doctors who can charge some large hourly prices per hour. Typically the videographer will perform a test recording to make sure his equipment is working properly. A good videographer will direct the layout of how the deponent seated to insure the best position for lighting, sound etc.. for the video deposition. This setup will usually have the court report in between the person being deposed and the attorneys asking the questions. Keep in mind that the court report can sit where ever he or she wishes but typically this is the optimal placement and generally where all court reports prefer to be positioned. When all the participants have arrived the videographer will make it known he or she is ready to start taping. Next the videographer or court reporter usually do an introduction at the start of the videotaped deposition. This is to outline the case, date, time, parties present, name of the deponent, and the location of the deposition being videotaped. It should be noted that during the taping of the deposition that the videographer give the attorneys ample warning when the tape will run out so they may stop the questioning so a new tape can be replaced at the nearest appropriate time. At the end of the videotaped deposition, the videographer should make it known that the deposition is over, and give the current time, the number of tapes or media disks that were used. It is the job of the videographer to produce any video recording to counsel that are requested.

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