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Common roles of court reporters in a Deposition.

Typically the court reporter agency is the one that gets the request for a court reporter and videographer to video tape a deposition. Now in turn they must also contact and confirm that a legal videographer will show up to the deposition on the given date. It should be noted that their choice of a videographer should be one that is a Certified Legal Video Specialist who has been properly trained. A court reporting agency that is on the ball will make sure that the legal videographer gets all the information in regards to the deposition notice in a timely manner. The information that the videographer should receive is the deponent’s name, correct address and time for the scheduled deposition. It is usually the job of the court reporter to be in charge of labeling the exhibits that will be used during the deposition. This is usually done before the start of the deposition but can be done during the actual videotaping. The court reporter’s transcript is the official record so they are the ones that are responsible for labeling and keeping possession of the labeled exhibits if they are going to be used in the deposition transcripts. Next is the introduction which is at the start of the videotaped deposition. The court reporter can do this if all parties are in agreement with it, they will then swear in or affirm the deponent. The court reporters duty during the the entire deposition is to capture the testimony of the attorneys and deponents, also any comments that the legal videographer’s makes during the deposition. At the end of the deposition the court reporter has the responsibility of seeing whether any signatures have been waived or if the deponent wishes to review and sign the final deposition transcript. The court reporter should also ask both counsel whether they want to take possession of the exhibits or have them do it. Lastly, it is the job of the court reporter to be responsible for all orders of transcripts asked by counsel.

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