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Apple looking for help in the courts in iTune troubles.

Well, it appears Apple has no problem staying in the courts for one thing or another. I assume that is good if you are on Apples legal consul, who are surely burning the midnight oil. When the first sign that Apple was going to sue Samsung over possibly infringing on their highly profitable iPad and iPhone appearance and use of software. In a turn, Apple has recently asked a judge to stop a suit which accuses Apple of having a monopoly on their iTune product. This suit comes from when Apple stopped RealNetwork's Harmony software from allowing music to be bought from the RealNetworks online store. It in turn would then take the music and store it on the iPod. Back in March, a judge ruled the Apple's Top man, Steve Jobs had to serve in a deposition in the suit. Jobs did just that last month when he produced his deposition in April. Apple is now requesting the whole lawsuit to be dismissed and thrown out. Apple's consul assured United States District Judge James Ware in San Jose, California the reason they stopped any third-party software was to protect the consumers. Apple contends that their products work run more efficiently with their own software instead of other 3rd party software that can cause more damage or other issues. It is yet to be seen whether this dismissal will be granted or not. It should be interesting to see which way this decision goes. Will big brother win out? It does appear to be a current David vs. Goliath. May the best "company" win. Well, really who I hope wins is the consumer in this battle. Let us hope the judge sees it this way as well and does the right thing for everyone's sake especially the liitle guys. 

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